Classroom teaching tools at Buck Levin Publications explore thought-provoking aspects of nutrition and the world. Products are targeted for different educational levels (see product descriptions).

Coming in Fall 2021:

NutriBriefs® are non-opinionated summaries of controversial topics in nutrition.

Each NutriBrief® contains 10 presentation slides in PDF and PPTX format. Topics include: Pesticides in Food, Genetically Engineered Foods, Food Irradiation, Food Packaging and Waste, Drinking Water Quality, Food Additives, Food Supply Systems, Organic Foods, Food Additives, Food Regulation, Local and Regional Eating, Food Carbon Footprints, Food Water Footprints, and Sustainable Agriculture.

Each NutriBrief® begins with a few simple questions. For example, Food Irradiation asks: What is food irradiation? Is food irradiation necessary? Is food irradiation safe? Organic Foods asks: How do foods get labeled organic? Are organic foods a marketing gimmick or are they worth purchasing? Why do organic foods cost more?

NutriBriefs® provide non-technical, science-based summaries of current controversies in nutrition. Without taking sides, each presentation seeks to stimulate fresh thinking about nutrition and provide new ways to evaluate personal eating practices.

Intended educational level: Grade 12 or College Freshman/Sophomore