Environmental Nutrition


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Drawing upon 842 indexed journal studies from the fields of cell biology, toxicology, immunology, neurology and genetics, Environmental Nutrition offers a molecular-level understanding of the link between environment, food quality, and disease. Included in the book are in-depth explorations of controversial topics like food irradiation and pesticide use, evaluations of over 100 toxic substances commonly found in food, and a detailed cellular-level analysis of potential health implications. Strategies for the establishment of environmental standards in nutrition are outlined, including sustainable agriculture and organic food production. (304 pages, 112 tables and figures, 842 indexed journal references.)

NOTE: Environmental Nutrition is only available in PDF format. Since a large file size was needed for high-quality results, two download options are available: a single file download (94MB), or a multi-file download with the book broken down into 8 smaller files (1-20MB each).